1.3.0e Unfinished Business Patch E

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Unfinished Business Patch E is the v1.3.0e, for The New Order released on January 14, 2023, mainly fixing on the original Unfinished Business v1.3.0 version of the mod.

Minor Additions[edit | edit source]

US and OFN Changes[edit | edit source]

  • RFK now targets Goldwater using COINTELPRO
  • Added world news for Hart inauguration

Middle East Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Reworked Egypt map
  • Reworked Iraq map
  • Changed Saudi-Yemen border
  • Adjustments to Italian Middle East
  • Split Bahrain and Qatar
  • Added new cultures to the Middle East

Germany and Pakt Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Reworked Sweden map
  • Reworked Germany States
  • Adjusted Ukrainian states to be more accurate
  • Added victory points to Poland and Ukraine

Japan and Co-Prosperity Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Reworked states for Japan, Korea, and Taiwan to follow Japanese prefecture borders
  • Reworked Madagascar map

Russian Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Russian elections now ignore the will of the people, bypass for Komi and Vyatka elections until system can be properly fixed
  • AB's Smuta tree now affects the regional power struggle.

Miscellaneous Changes[edit | edit source]

  • 48 old, unused, and cut tags have been removed in order to improve performance

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Indonesian faction leaders dying no longer causes random countries to takeover their respective faction, RIP Canal Zone OFN and Slovak Pakt
  • Econ rankings and world GDP now calculate correctly at game start
  • GDP/Capita scores now calculates correct score again
  • Cold War scores are now calculated correctly for first month value
  • Brest state lore no longer is confused over which direction east is
  • Cleaned up some of GUIs affected by BBA
  • Several tank weapons modules now have correct numbering in their gfx instead of Hyperborean mess that it was before
  • Added TNO-style icon for All Recon Variants effects
  • Named Light and Heavy SPART and SPAA chassis
  • Fixed coloration on armored car blueprint in tank designer
  • Hart's Modernize rail decisions now actually take PP
  • Fixed Hart's Crime Bill not listing harshness level at certain values
  • After Chep takes over, there will now be a vacant minister until Bayh becomes VP
  • Elected RDC presidents besides Hart are now assigned the correct party value
  • LBJ'S ISNA event now has loc after being successfully passed
  • Several all voters policy shifts that didn't affect minorities are now fixed

Balance Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Delaying Reconstruction no longer gives absurd amounts of PP
  • UE economy tree no longer lowers real GDP growth
  • Attempted to rebalance Serbian CW to stalemate and favor the socialists less
  • Reduce Libdem Komi industrial expertise gain as per feedback of the guy who played Libdem Komi 54 times (as of time of writng)
  • Buffed Novosibirsk, giving them more energy
  • Buffed SBA, adding them population and energy
  • Nerfed Kemerovo, giving them less energy
  • AI no longer declares multiple wars at once during Smuta

QoL changes[edit | edit source]

  • West African Military Reconstruction is no longer impossible to complete in the FMA vs PALF scenario
  • Goldwater can no longer take both mutually exclusive missions to target both the Sovereigntists and the Marxists
  • Goldwater gets the treaty ports negotiations after 1971 election instead of the 1973
  • Thurmond's tree shortened, so if it triggers in January of a presidental election year, Thurmond can kill the party by the election
  • You are now informed if you're about to be invaded even if you don't have the Smuta mechanic yet
  • If you finish the Philippine Reconstruction but forget to the press the button, it now will complete at the deadline anyway

Other Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Saudi Arabia will get an associated state status to Italy if Talal's coup is successful
  • San Marino has an Associated status to Italy at the start of the game
  • Anwar Sadat will change its subideology from Provisional Government to Social Nationalism if Italian Egypt wins in the civil war
  • Changed flags for a lot of Chinese tags - The USA gets the ability to project power on the Mediterranean Sea if Iberia joins the OFN
  • France will move its capital to Paris if Burgundy is collapsed and France is in either the Pakt or OFN
  • Sverdlovsk integrates one lonely general from the Free Aviators if it annexes one
  • The USA now gets power projection in the North Sea if England joins the OFN either during the Battle for England or via a HMMLR victory
  • Germany now gets power projection in the Mediterranean if Sidos joins the Pakt or the Frente Azul win the Iberian Civil War
  • Frente Azul will now be known as the Spanish State should they win the civil war
  • José Luis de Arrese and the Occupation Authority he installs in Portugal are now Stratocratic Corporatist
  • Galicia and the Rif Republic will now become Sphere observers like Catalonia and Basque
  • Japan will gain access to the North Atlantic sea zone should the Rif Republic win
  • Frente Azul will now lose the Iberian Wars national spirit upon wining the invasion of Portugal
  • Militärbezirk/Paktkommission Russland/Moskowien will now have the military government puppet type to reflect their faction status
  • Corrected several instances of Weißrussland where Weißruthenien applied
  • Nowa Polska's Republic of Aktobe is now a Client State rather than just a puppet
  • The USA now gets a mission timer for the reunification of Turkestan like Germany and Japan
  • Japan now gets naval access and power projection in the South Atlantic should they win the
  • The Afrika-Schild now has proper faction icons and statuses
  • The Boer Republic will no longer enter an event death loop that prevents the post-collapse elections happening
  • Paktkommission Kongo is now of the military government puppet type
  • Azandeland now has a new post-war name and flag to reflect its leader
  • Heydrich's Britanny tree is cut - Gille will become security minister after the annexation of his state
  • Communist Moskowien factions become the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic after winning instead of the Far Western Soviet Socialist Republic
  • Spain and Portugal now have long names. If they spawn, they will be called as the Portuguese Republic and the Spanish State
  • Democratic Komi gets cores to Tatarstan, Bashkorostan and Vologda if they unite peacefully