All-Filipino Revolutionary Socialist Republic

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All-Filipino Revolutionary Socialist Republic
Hukbong Bayan Laban sa Hapon
Flag of the AFRSR
Ruling Party Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas - United Front Wing
Head of StateLuis Taluc y Mangalus
Sphere No Sphere
Foreign AlignmentNon-Aligned
Credit Rating Good
Market Type Planned Economy

The All-Filipino Revolutionary Socialist Republic, officially the Hukbong Bayan Laban sa Hapon, or more known as the AFRSR or Hukbalahap is one of the three rival governments in the Philippine Archipelago. The nation is an unrecognized state created in opposition to the Japanese-Backed Second Philippine Republic, based in Northern Luzon.

As part of their revolutionary goal of creating a Socialist Republic in the Philippines, it wages an guerilla and people's war against the Second Philippine Republic to the south.

It consists of Filipino peasants and farmers fighting against the occupation of Japan and the KALIBAPI. While the nation is neutral, the Huks begrudgingly work with the Commonwealth Exiles and the United States to keep themselves afloat and armed.

History[edit | edit source]

Second World War[edit | edit source]

The AFSR has its roots in the Hukbalahap movement, an insurgency started by peasants in Luzon. The Lava Brothers would declare a workers and peasants republic in 1945, and immediately begin carrying out land reform, with large estates broken up and given to peasantry, among other changes throughout the north of the Philippine Archipelago.

Philippine War and Aftermath[edit | edit source]

The Philippines Communists realised they could not defeat the Japanese by themselves, so they entered into an alliance with the Free Philippine Republic, together they would launch an offensive in 1959. While the Free Filipinos made substantial gains, the Huks would be forced to retreat, embarking upon a long withdrawal that becamse known as the Great Paddy March. in the aftermath, the head of the PKP Luis Taruc would attack General Secretary Jose Lava, stating his caustion and dogmatism had cost the revolution. Taruc would then oust Lava, becoming the leader of the newly proclaimed AFRSR.

National Spirits[edit | edit source]

The AFRSR starts with the following National Spirits

Name In Game Description Effects
The Wounded Revolution A "workers' and peasants' republic", the Lava brothers would describe their creation in 1945. it would be the first of its kind in Philippine history, unique among the islands' governments both past and present for paying attention first to the bonded masses rather than elites within or without. For a time it lived to its ideals; liberated farmlands were parceled to its tenants, villages were freed of onerous taxes, mouths were fed three meals a day and hands were paid their labors' worth. It seemed as if socialism as its most idyllic found purchase in the land of the landless.

Then came the Offensive of 1959. Whatever the cause, victory came not for the Revolution but for the fascist. Heavily wounded, it was salvaged only by the Huks' heroics and an arduous march to the base areas of the Cordillera Mountains, where partymen hoped to bide their time for another strike. But wounds left untreated invite sepsis - and with the defeatism gripping the PKP's ranks, who can spare the time or the energy to mend them?

Daily Political Power Gain: -0.10

Stability: +10.00% War Support: -5.00%

The Changeless Land Peasants freed from a landlord's service find themselves sworn personally to high-ranking partymen. Chairmen parcel the richest lands of murdered hacienderos among themselves, leaving tenants with rocks and barren soil. Deprived of an enemy to fight, armed bands invent ones - villagers, miners, fishermen - as they reave the hills and countrysides for the last of their wealth.

"Why indepedence, if the slaves of today will be the tyrants of tomorrow?" said the embittered Simoun. As the exiled revolutionaries console themselves with reactionary excess, a growing many wonder likewise.

Recruitable Population: 3.00%

Stability: -20.00% Needed Consumer Goods: -20.00%

Para sa Ating Himagsikan How must a proper revolutionary deal with the revisionists and reactionaries within his party's ranks, especially when they outnumber him so? Must he give his life to lance the boils on its corpus? Wrestle control from its heterodox leadership? Or must he declare the vipers' nest beyond redemption and form his own like-minded cadre?

Those incensed with the Revolutionary Republic's slow decay chose a fourth path: cooperating with the traitors, for now. Acknowledging red landlords as their comrades, for now. Resisting with neither arms nor protest, much as it pains them, for now. For no other government would ever entertain liberating the masses of its own volition, neither Tokyo's puppet nor Washington's. No, the people would sooner be freed by the revolution's hand, diseased but mendable, than by two different colors of colonialist whip. This swear the dreamers in a party of "pragmatists".

Division Attack: +20.00%

Division Speed: +20.00% Breakthrough: +30.00%