All-Russian National Union

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All-Russian National Union
Всероссийский Национальный Союз
Logo of VNS
Party Leader Vasily Shulgin (Vyatka)
  • Mikhail Menshikov
  • Sergei Rukhlov
  • Alexander Urusov
Founded1908, 54 years ago
Ideology Christian Conservatism
NewspaperNovom Vremeni (Новом Времени)
Political PositionRight-wing
Slogan"For the Tsar and Order"

All-Russian National Union is a conservative pro-monarchy party created in 1908. It was revived by Vasily Shulgin in the late 1950s.

Creation[edit | edit source]

All-Russian National Union was created as an association of multiple conservative organizations and parties all around Russia in 1900s. After the Russian Empire fell, the VNS also fell out in favor of more moderate leftist parties during the time of Russian Republic.

Revival[edit | edit source]

After the West Russian War, the pro-monarchists moved east to Vyatka under the leadership of Vladimir Kirillovich Romanov. Vasily Shulgin, used to be a member of VNS revived the party as a "middle choice" between the radical reformists of Kadets and the autocratic nationalists of NTS.