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Djakarta is the Capital City of the Republic of Indonesia, it is the economic, cultural, and political centre of Indonesia.

Capital of the Republic of Indonesia
Population3.35 M
State GDP$ 0.18 B
Culture Betawi

In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

The city of Djakarta, formerly Batavia, was the center of activity within the vast Indonesian archipelago for centuries. From local kingdoms and Sultanates, the colonizers of the Netherlands and the VoC, to the liberated Republic of Indonesia, this city has served as their capital for many centuries, and perhaps for centuries to come. The city itself is... peculiar. Its somewhat developed state, being the "beacon of a powerful nation," a great city for its region, was a stark contrast to the rest of the starving and deprived nation, with Sukarno's ever increasing sense of pride driving the city itself forward, leaving the rest of the nation and most of its people in the dust. Perhaps all of this may change... But perhaps not.