Edward VIII

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Edward VII (His Majesty King Edward of the United Kingdom of Great Britain) is the King of the collaborationist United Kingdom of Great Britain

Edward VIII
King of the United Kingdom
Date of Birth23rd June 1894 (Age 67)
Place of BirthWhite Lodge, Richmond, Surrey, United Kingdom
Nationality British

Biography[edit | edit source]

Belonging to the House of Windsor , he was the son of George V, and thus heir to the throne of the then Great British Empire. He ascended to the Throne upon the death of his father , but months into his reign caused a constitutional crisis by proposing marriage to Wallis SImpson , an American by nationality and a divorced woman. Opposed by the Church of England along with the Prime Ministers of both his country and the Dominions. facing a choice between the throne and marriage he chose the latter, abdicating the throne on the 10th of December 1936 and being succeeded by his brother Prince Albert now King George VI.

After his accession, his German Sympathies became known after his visit to Germany in 1937 where he met Adolf Hitler.

As Operation Sea Lion saw its success and the Germans secured a full surrender of the Home Islands, they re-instated him as King, as the head of the Fascist Government which was no more than a puppet of the Reich.

In-Game[edit | edit source]

As of 1962 he is still the King, but not of the once great Empire but a diminished state, one kept under watch by its masters and hated by its own people. Seen as Germany's lap-dog, Resistance exists , primarily under the guise of the HMMLR of whom many want to restore the Queen to the throne.

If the collaborationists win the civil war, he will continue to rule until his death.