Ibrahim ibn 'Umaru

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Ibrahim ibn 'Umaru
Ibrahim ibn 'Umaru, 1962
Sultan of Aïr
Date of Birth1938
Place of BirthAgadez, Aïr
Age at start24
Nationality Tuareg
Political PartyHouse of Umaru
Ideology Absolute Monarchy

Ibrahim ibn 'Umaru (Arabic: ابراهيم بن عمرو; born 1938) is the Sultan of Aïr.

In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

To the foreigner, the desert that surrounds the Aïr Plateau is nothing but an inhospitable wasteland. But for the people who live there, who cross the desert with nothing but a camel and a mantle on their backs, the desert is more than a home. It's a place of plenty for the Tuaregs and a fortress that repels the invader. Sultan Ibrahim in 'Umaru knows this very well, and that is why he and his people survived even as the German bomber ruminated the air and destroyed the cities.

As civilization crumbled under Nazi bombs, the Sultan took his chance to retreat in the desert with his people and a few refugees. There he waited, biding his time while keeping himself and his people hidden from danger. When the sky was finally free from the bombers, the sultan immediately went to Agadez, the city where his ancestor once ruled, to declare the restoration of the Sultanate of Kel Ayr, by the grace of Allah and His prophet Muhammad, and quickly reasserted his rule over the Air region.

The Sultanate of Kel Ayr is just like his leader: a bastion of Islam and tradition devoted to the defense of its people against any external threat, be it European colonizers or African progressives. The foreigners might protest this, call it "oppression" or "fascism", but the Tuaregs know that without the Sultan's guidance not only they would not be free, they would still struggle under anarchy. If today the people of the Air Plateau enjoy order and peace they owe it all to the Sultan and the Sahara, the two shields against the dangers coming from the outside world.