Keith Holyoake

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Keith Jacka Holyoake (born 11 February 1904 in Mangamutu, New Zealand) is a New Zealand politician and the current Prime Minister of New Zealand in 1962.

In Game Description[edit | edit source]

Keith Holyoake is a man known for many things - his level-headedness, thick accent, and reputation for being overly polite amongst them. Holyoake's origins lie in the rural areas of New Zealand, being the son of a pair of store owners turned farmers. Joining the rurally-focused Reform Party in 1932, Holyoake quickly became a rising star in the party, playing a key role in reforming it into the modern National Party.

Taking the role of Prime Minister in the First National Government, Holyoake presided over National’s loss in 1957, following the resignation of previous Prime Minister Sidney Holland in 1956. Three years were spent as leader of the opposition, before going on to win the 1960 General Election, earning the position in his own right.

Advocating for maintenance of a strong national defense against the ever-present threat of the Japanese, Holyoake's ministry has already begun to pursue a progressive social agenda of abolishing capital punishment and expanding Māori rights. As the 1963 General Election looms closer, Holyoake hopes that New Zealand will continue to endorse his vision.