Empire of Manchuria

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Empire of Manchuria
大滿洲帝國, Dai-Manshū Teikoku
Flag of Manchuria
Imperial Seal of Manchuria
Ruling Party Manzhouguo Xiehehui/Sōmucho
Head of StateAisin Gioro Puyi
Sphere Co-Prosperity Sphere
Foreign Alignment Core Member of the Sphere
Credit Rating Good
Market Type Corporatism

A Japanese puppet state in northeast China. Manchuria formed in 1932 out of the territory conquered by Japan the year before. The nation soon was established as a constitutional monarchy and the center of the Japanese "Pan-Asian" experiment. Thirty years on the Japanese government present Manchuria as an achievement of this experiment, however in reality the truth is quite different. In reality Manchuria is an example of Japan's colonial ambition with the local populace oppressed by the Japanese military and exploits by its bureaucracy.

Party and Factions[edit | edit source]

Name Ideology Leader
Concordia Association of Manchukuo Artistocratic Conservatism Aisin Gioro Pujie
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Reform Bureaucracy Gu Ciheng
Kwantung Army - Manchu Faction Military Junta Sejima Ryūzō
Kwantung Army - Orthodox Faction Stratocratic Corporatism Katakura Tadashi