NRA 40th Army Group

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The NRA 40th Army Group

Ruling PartyMa Jiajun
Sphere No Sphere
Foreign AlignmentNon-Aligned

The NRA 40th Army Group is a warlord state in Northwestern China. It is bordered by the Seihoku Homengun to the north, the Xinjiang Border Defense Administration to the west, the Kingdom of Tibet to the south, and Xikang to the south-east.

Formed from the remnants of the National Revolutionary Army's 40th Army Group led by Hui Muslim General Ma Bufang, it has retreated back into Golmund, deep into the former lands held by the Ma Clique prior to the Second Sino-Japanese War.

Now led by Ma Jiyuan, the 40th Army Group continues the fight against the Japanese at their border, chasing away any attacks and raids by Tsuji Masanobu and his Japanese forces operating out of the now occupied Gansu Province.