Reichskommissariat Südwestafrika

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Reich Commissariat of Southwest Africa
Reichskommissariat Sudwestafrika
The Flag of Reichskommissariat Sudwestafrika
Flag of the Germanic Reich
Ruling Party General Office for South African Affairs
Head of StateReichskommissar Wolfgang Schenck
Sphere Grossraum Kontinentaleuropa
Foreign Alignment Autonomous Reichskommissariat, Einheitspakt
Credit RatingWIP
Market TypeWIP

Reichskommissariat Sudwestafrika is a colonial holding of the Greater Germanic Reich administered by Reichskommissar Wolfgang Schenck. Sudwestafrika is one of three Reichkommisariats in Africa, bordering with Reichskommissariat Ostafrika and Reichskommissariat Zentralafrika.

History[edit | edit source]

Pre-War[edit | edit source]

Previously before the war, Sudwestafrika was an South African Mandate as part of the Versailles Treaty that ended the First World War. Also known as "South West Africa" under South African Rule, the whole landscape would change when the Nazis entered.

After the Second World War as part of the peace process, Nazi Germany annexed the region of South West Africa. Subsequently it was made into a German Colony, known as "Sudwestafrika," and new policies were enacted to make it into a White-Majority colony of the Reich.

German Colonisation[edit | edit source]

Under the colonisation efforts of the Germans, Windhoek was designated as the Capital of the Reichkomissariat, and subsequently the extermination of all the African natives of Sudwestafrika.

Any remaining natives that were spared from extermination were to be taken in as slaves for the colonial government, forced to work on rubber and crop plantations throughout Sudwestafrika.

After this process of ethnic cleansing and depopulation, Schenck and his government would encourage the mass migration of ethnic Germans and White South Africans to repopulate Sudwestafrika, through the building up of airports and civilian facilities to attract migration.

Nowadays, Windhoek is 100% White, made up of ethnic Germans, White South Africans, and a few other European ethnicities. Due to the policies instituted by the colonial government, Sudwestafrika is the only place throughout the African continent that is of a White-Majority.

Militarily, the SS in Sudwestafrika, is primarily composed of German and White South African members sympathetic to the colonial government. As part of the garrison force of the colony, they are generally used to supress any revolts in Sudwestafrika.

The Underground[edit | edit source]

There is a nationalist movement in Sudwestafrika known as the "SWAPO Party of Namibia." Their goal is to turn Sudwestafrika into an independent republic known as "Namibia." Founded sometime during the early 1950s, they are known for their rebellious actions, by freeing the plantation slaves, and spreading literature and pamphlets on how Whites and Blacks would be able to coexist in Namibia.

Members of this movement are suppressed by the Sudwestafrika SS, however, the organisation exists, in the shadows of the Reichkommisariat.

The Airport of Africa[edit | edit source]

Owing to Schenck's past as an Luftwaffe Ace Pilot, the vast deserts of Südwestafrika host the largest, most developed airfields on the entire continent. For planes and airlines who request access to land and fly from their mightiest airhub, the Reichskommissar Schenck charges along every step of the way - for fuel, runway use, hangar space, and more. These bring a steady stream of income straight back into developing, operating, and maintaining its personal air force.

The land may be volatile with rebels and partisans, however the Sudwestafrikan's military rules the skies. With this ruling of the skies, it serves as the staging ground for German terror bombings of West Africa, as the Triumvirate prevents German craft from traveling in their airspace. These bombers wreck havoc on the remnants of the Free French, ensuring that they will not be a force to reckon with Germany's African holdings.

Additionally, to expand Südwestafrika's land mass, it would in the past act as antagonizing forces to Portugal, by seizing the Portugese colonies of Angola in the Südwestafrikan War. This had a significant influence on Iberian politics as this sign of German aggression motivated Portugal's Estado Novo Government to merge with Franco's Spain in the Iberian Union.

National Spirits[edit | edit source]

Reichskomissariat Südwestafrika starts with the following National Spirits

Name In Game Description Effects
Afrikaner Airstrip The deserts of Südwestafrika host the largest, most developed airfields on the entire continent. For access to their mightiest airhub, Reichskommissar Schenck charges the Reich every step of the way - for fuel, runway use, hangar space, and more. These bring a steady stream of income straight back into developing, operating, and maintaining our air force. The land may be volatile, but we rule the skies. Air Superiority Mission Efficiency: +20%

Recruitable Population Factor: -10%

Income Tax Rate Modifier Factor: +10.00%

Business Tax Rate: +5.00%

Away In The Clouds Our lands are filled with poverty, disease and rebels. But in the skies, our Reichskommissar can find peace. Preferring to spend his time on his pet projects than in any government building, Schenck can be found more often flying than he can be found ruling. Our administration of the region has inevitably suffered as a result, forcing us to empower more and more local leaders. Stability: +50.00%

War Support: -10.00%

Administrative Program Cost Factor: +5.00%

Incoherent Bookkeeping Südwestafrika's economic administration is a bureaucratic labyrinth. It seems impossible to track any amount of money from revenue to expense. How this system actually works appears reserved to the minds of a select few accountants in Schenck's service, who has consistently postponed proposals to reform the system. Stability: +10.00%

Construction Speed: -20.00%

Production Efficiency Cap: -10.00%

Very Low German Displeasure The Reich does not suspect anything. As far as it's concerned, war hero and famed aviator Wolfgang Schenck is the man for the job in Südwestafrika Construction Speed: -5.00%

Factory Output: -5.00%

Army Cost Modifier: -80.00%

Navy Cost Modifier: -75.00%

Needed Consumer Goods: +5.00%