Russian Empire (Post-Taboirtsky)

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Russian Empire (Post-Taboirtsky)
Российская Народная Империя, Rossiyskaya Narodnaya Imperiya

Ruling Party Imperskiye Loyalisty
Head of StateAlexei II
Sphere No Sphere
Foreign AlignmentNon-Aligned
Market Type Worker Directed

The tale of "Alexei II" is an odd one. Born Michał Goleniewski, a Polish immigrant to the USSR, and a bureaucrat in the intelligence division of Yagoda's NKVD. Goleniewski was just high up enough to learn some skills and make connections - whilst still being irrelevant enough to avoid being killed by Taboritsky's regime when Irkutsk fell. With the fall of the Regency, and communications to the government lost, Goleniewski has styled his mustache, put on the most regal outfit he can find, and declared himself to be the Tsarevich returned to the citizens of Irkutsk. Swept into power by a popular rebellion, "Alexei II" has used his newfound authority in a mad gambit to save Russia-condemning the Regent, and ordering the end of the killing.

The Russian Empire is a post-Taboritsky warlord state that is part of the region of Irkutsk. The Russian Empire can be created if the Sergey Taboritsky, after unifying Russia dies at the start of the year 1980. The Russian Empire is led by Alexei II, in truth Michał Goleniewski, a Polish NKVD agent that has styled his mustache and proclaimed himself the successor of Alexei Nikolaevich I Romanov, son of Nicholas II Romanov, the last Tsar of Russia.

They start off as being in direct conflict with Andrey Dikiy's Regency of Holy Russia, as Dikiy declares Alexei II a "satanic imposter". Some of Goleniewski's fellow former NKVD agents know that he's not Alexei and even try to tell others about it in a bar. People seem to have a hard time believing them while others are too apathetic to bother. The fact that his rule is actually benevolent seems to quash any ideas of rebellion. The populace is manipulated to believe that Alexei II has returned to Russia and is blessed by Jesus, unaware that he's actually just a former NKVD agent posing as Alexei II. However, this image is meant to raise the spirits of the people in the otherwise cynical nature of the After Midnight wasteland and Alexei II's rule is genuinely benevolent. Alexei II's benevolence has earned the love of many of his followers. Even when Alexei II decrees a socialist policy of redistributing land and collectivizing property, his monarchist allies are baffled, but follow him anyways out of loyalty. Anyone with common sense would have agreed that Alexei II was long dead and never coming back, many officials believing that he was simply an Empty Promise to place Russia under Nazism. But their leader manages to do such a good job of convincing people that he's the real deal that he overturns the entire order of his area in his favor. Even when his rule obviously contradicts Taboritsky's values, his rule is so effective and benevolent that even skeptics are happy to see him reign.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Should the player 'unite' as them through non canon arcade cheats, it will be known as the Russian Peoples' Empire.