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The Independent State of Serbia
Независна Држава Србија, Nezavisna Država Srbija
Flag of The Idependent State of Serbia
Ruling Party Narodni Pokret Združena Borbena Organizacija Rada (Tr. National Movement United Militant Labour Organization)
Head of StatePrime Minister Dimitrije Ljotić
Sphere Grossraum Kontinentaleuropa
Foreign Alignment Marionettenstaat,
Market Type Gelenkte Wirtschaft

The Independent State of Serbia, simply known as Serbia, is a country located in the Balkans. It borders Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro and Italy. It is a member of the Einheitspakt as a Collaborator Puppet State of Germany.

History[edit | edit source]

The Occupation[edit | edit source]

After Yugoslavia collapsed to Axis forces, Serbia was occupied. In the ashes, the so-called "Government National Salvation". Almost immediately resistance sprang up to the collaborators. The communists and remnants of the Yugoslav army, the Chetniks, fought the Germans as well as each other. The new collaboration government was placed under the leadership of Dimitrije Ljotic, former Mayor of Belgrade and pre-war fascist. the ZVBOR party subsequently entrenched itself. Eventually, the Independent State of Serbia was declared.

Post War[edit | edit source]

After the war ended, Serbia experience a refugee crisis, with Serbs fleeing opression after Croatian Ustashe and Italian authorities in Kosovo began ethnic cleansing. Due to increased resistance, the collaborators signed a ceasefire with the Chetniks, integrating them into the military and deploying them against the commuists.