Talk Pages

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Talk pages are used to discuss certain topics related to a page. This can be useful for factchecking or discussing a page's contents and can be found by clicking on Discussion tab.

Starting a discussion or adding a topic is relatively easy; when on a talk page, either click on Start a discussion if the discussion page doesn't exist yet, or click on Add topic and add a title and description. Additionally, you can add a summary, just like you would before submitting changes on a page. If you want to respond to an existing topic, click on Reply and add your response.

Editor Types

You can toggle between the source or visual editor by clicking on either Visual or Source (default). The source editor automatically creates a signature and shows a live preview of your message. If you're using the visual editor, be sure to end your messages with --~~~~, otherwise your name will not be included in the discussion, which is required.


Do keep in mind some basic rules before submitting a message. Staff members will remove messages that are deemed unnecessary as part of housekeeping the wiki. Repeatedly breaking these rules may result in a temporary suspension.

  • Do not use talk pages for memes or shitposting in any shape or form. This isn't FANDOM or a form of social media.
  • Avoid using edgy talk or unnecessary swearing.
  • No politics and no extremism.
  • Make sure the topic is about the appropriate talk page.
  • Make sure the topic discusses stuff about the wiki page in question, and not general discussions about TNO.
  • Keep common sense in mind. Do not spam, beg, be mean toward other users, so on.