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The trivia section of a page is reserved for miscellaneous bits of information that doesn't belong anywhere else on the page. This is content such as:

  • Content that already isn't mentioned in the trivia section or elsewhere on the wiki.
  • Oddities that aren't immediately obvious to the player.
  • Things that don't warrant an entire separate section on a page.
  • Information that isn't relevant to be in any other section of the page.
  • Information that isn't blatant speculation, most commonly seen with words such as "probably" or "likely".
    • Exception: Noting that something hasn't been confirmed (or denied) is allowed. "It's probably/likely a reference to..." is not allowed. "It's never been confirmed whether this is a reference to..." is allowed.
  • Information that is related to the game, and doesn't mention general stereotypes.

If you're adding a trivia section to a page, always add a {{TriviaNote}} template right below the trivia header. This will remind users to read the trivia guidelines, as these are very often ignored, causing pages to become unorganized.


When adding trivia based on things said by the developers online, such as Discord messages, Twitch clips, YouTube videos or Tweets showcasing information that can't be sourced from the game's files or the TNO devs other projects, make sure you add a reference or source to back up your claim.

To make sure your references don't appear below any navboxes or category tags, add a <references/> tag.

Discord References

If you want to refer to a Discord announcement or chat message that's still up, include the url, followed by a channel name and a date. The time and date must be taken from the GMT+0 timezone, so be sure to check your timezone and modify the time and date to the correct timezone before submitting. Using a timezone converter might help you out.

Template: <ref>[Discord URL '''TNO Discord Server''': #channel-name (dd/mm/yyyy, hh:mm)]</ref>
Example: <ref>[,'''TNO Discord Server''': #announcements (12/1/2024, 20:31)]</ref>

If the message is unavailable or deleted, but there's evidence in the form of a chatlog, include the message in italic text with an indicator showing the individual that said it. If the message is longer than 20 words, shorten it and add three dots to the end.

Template: <ref>''Message'' -User, '''TNO Discord Server''': #channel-name (dd/mm/yyyy, hh:mm)</ref>
Example: <ref>''Wdym frosty 😭'', '''TNO Discord Server''': #announcements (07/1/2024, 00:09)</ref>

In Game References

If you want to refer to something that happens in game, such as a character or country, it's recommended - though not necessary - that you insert an image or video to demonstrate what the text is describing. Reference tags, for example to reference a fan's YouTube video of a playthrough, are not allowed in this case.