Uploading Files

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Below are detailed rules and step-by-step guides for properly uploading files to the wiki.

Upload Guidelines

  • Make sure the file is relevant to the page, like a screenshot demonstrating something that's described in the page's text.
  • Don't upload shitposts or content that doesn't suit the wiki.
  • Tag the file appropriately.
  • Do not upload screenshots.
  • Do not upload duplicate files.
  • If your file is a higher quality version, go to the file's page and click on "Upload a new version of this file".
    • Exception: If the file is in a different format, a new version can't be uploaded. In this case, replace the old file in every page it appears on before marking it for deletion.
    • If your new version doesn't appear, clear your browser's cache or press Shift + F5 together to clear the specific page's cache.
  • Only use the Latin and Cyrillic alphabet and do not use invalid characters (\, /, :, *, ?, ", <, >, |, ~, `, !, @, #, $, %, €, ^, &).
  • Do not upload .webp files unless absolutely necessary (such as if the only existing image of a file exists in a .webp format.) With file uploads, .svg files are the preferred method for images such as flags and focus icons (which will need to be viewable from a small size for templates, lists, and infoboxes.) If no .svg version of a file exists, a .png file will be acceptable.

Filename Guidelines

It is important to name files properly in order to reference them on pages. It also helps for organization purposes. If the file is an asset from the game:

  • Prefix the name with "TNO_," (If its from a submod, prefix the name with the acronym of the submod)
  • Keep the original files name at the end of the files name.

If the file is artwork:

  • Prefix the file with "ARTWORK_."
  • Include the name of the website where the art was pulled from.
  • If the art does not have a title (which is likely), give it an appropriate name.
    • When multiple pieces of art originate from a single post or a thread, give it the same name and number the images at the end of the file name.

Some examples of appropriate file names:

  • TNO_Yasuda_Crisis.gif
  • ARTWORK_Jack_Jones.png
  • 2WRW_Alexander_Poryshkin.png
  • TER_Deng_Xiaoping.png

Some examples of inappropriate file names:

  • Big chungus wholsum.gif
  • dmitryazov.png
  • TNO-Carlos-Lecarda.png


There are two ways you can easily add videos to the wiki:

  1. Uploading a video directly to the wiki, useful when posting video recordings originally posted on Discord.
  2. Embedding a video using tags, useful for showcasing YouTube videos.

Uploading a video directly to the wiki is a very similar process for uploading other files. Go to the file uploading page, and select a video file in a .mp4 format. Make sure to add {{video}} in your summary before uploading. When the upload is completed, you can embed the video like any other file uploaded directly to the wiki.

Example: [[File:TNO_German_Civil_War_Superevent.mp4|left|300px]]

If your video is already uploaded to YouTube or exceeds the 250MB file size limit, you can use <youtube> to embed the video on a page. Only the video ID is relevant, make sure to remove https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= from the URL, otherwise the video will not embed. To set the width or height of a video, add width or height in between brackets.

Example: <youtube width="320" height="180">Wlq6fFOqI28</youtube>


When uploading flags to the wiki (eg. flag of Guangdong or the Dirlewagner Brigade) make sure to upload it in .svg format also known as a vector image (if avaliable). Do your best to not upload any images in a .webp file unless ABSOLUTELY necessary. It compresses the file, making it lose a lot of quality and color accuracy. At best, you should strive for an .svg, and a .png if no .svg is available for whatever file you are trying to upload.


.svg file

.webp file

Also, make sure to name flags with the prefix "FLAG_[TAG]."


When uploading portraits make sure to name it PORTRAIT_[NAME_SURNAME]. Good file names:


Bad file names:

  • speer.png