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Socialism is a lot of different things, depending on who you ask. Whether revolutionary or reformist, and whether marxist or utopian, it is and always has been of many different shapes. One thing remains, however: it is an ideology by the people, for the people.

One of the main characteristics of socialism is, of course, the social ownership of the means of production. While it may either be introduced gradually over time or more immediately in the case of a revolution, it is one of its stated goals, as adherents of the ideology believe that it is a way to create a juster, fairer economy, built for the many instead of for the few. Also important to socialism is the establishment of workplace democracy, giving the worker a say in how his business operates, and it is often coupled with a greater-than-usual emphasis on political democracy, whether it be electoral or soviet. Socialism has been, through the ages, equally praised as it has been reviled. And yet, it marches on. Despite the hardships, and despite the setbacks, socialism continues its almost unrelenting course, aiming to free the worker and the common man from the tyranny of capitalism.

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