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Ideology GroupProgressivism

A moderate response to the excesses of capitalism, Progressivism, composed of moderate social democrats and center left progressives, intends to be a middle ground between social liberalism and social democracy, with a focus on economic efficiency, a moderate welfare state, and a major focus on social justice. Pragmatic and willing to compromise, Progressivism believes in gradual change over time, with a focus on making capitalism more humane while allowing for its best aspects to shrine through.

Progressivism believes in allowing room for the free market to take over while maintaining a welfare state intended to catch those who would fall through the cracks. Rather than focusing on economic equality, Progressivism intends to fight against institutional problems that harm equality of opportunity. Racism, sexism and other 'isms' are the main enemy of Progressivism, who believe that it is the government's place to protect the weak.

Economically, Progressivism believes that government management is inefficient and that, rather, the private market, with public oversight, could be beneficial to both parties. This extends to matters of infrastructure, healthcare, and even basic government operations. With this efficiency, poverty can be eliminated through saved welfare spending and opportunities for a better life.

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