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Liberal Conservatism
Ideology GroupLiberal Conservatism
Notable PeopleEdmund Burke
Notable Parties United Party (South Africa)

In a world filled to the brim with radicals, extremists, and vagabonds, the rational man is perhaps humanity's greatest hope. It takes discipline and a strong will to maintain the values of democracy, that brilliant idea forged on the hills of Athens, and the Liberal Conservatives are those holding the thin line that is keeping the torch of liberty lit.

Unlike pure conservatives, these people are more open to social change in their society, as long as it can be tempered and controlled by the powers that be, adapting their position as needed for governance. They generally support free market economics, although individual practitioners might differ on the matter of state intervention in the economy as a means to do good for society and limit corporate power. Whether or not these moderates will be able to survive the rest of the 20th century, with all of its absolutist violence and totalitarianism, remains up in the air.

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