V1.1.1b "After Midnight" Patch

From TNOpediA

This patch was releaesed on 29 March 2021.

Minor Additions[edit | edit source]

Added integration decisions to all After Midnight Russian Warlords

Added a unique description for AM era raiding decision category

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

Fixed Cairo being named Ma?r after Egyptian Civil War

RFK CRA event "The Consequences of Compromise" should no longer soft lock the path. (thanks bren_the_catboy)

The CIA can no longer send support to Taboritsky's Russia

Images for post-Tabby unifications show up correctly

The Wastelands can now be annexed in Debug Sandbox Mode

The After Midnight Counter can no longer go under 0 and over 27

Fixed a grammar mistake in OFN East Africa tooltip

Fixed the broken title of a CIA event

Fixed a misspelling of "Shafarevich" as "Shafarevitch"

The After Midnight debug event will now give Oral to Autonomous Soviet Liberation Army instead of Aktau

Fixed an incorrect tooltip in WRRF "Zhukov is making moves" decision

The After midnight Debug event will now add an airbase to Salekhard

Fixed the leader description of the African Anarchy uses the description of After Midnight wilderness

Hopefully fixed Central Eurasia Republic loading Novosibirsk superregional tree

Added a few missing AM generals

Nenetsian Free Army will now have a division when AM begins

Bratsk Communal Vanguard will have now a few divisions when AM begins

Hopefully fixed Redeemed Black League having more generals than what it should have

Fixed Russian event "The Invasion of Kazakhstan" having two options with the same name

Various other Russian loc fixes

Icon for "Aryan Schematics" now shows up correctly

Redeemed Black League no longer has Sverdlovsk's mechanic

After Midnight Warlords does not have previous warlord's focus trees anymore

Fixed a bug with Expand our Arsenals, so Taboritsky doesn't go for a politically equal society

Fixed a bug with Tomsk holding elections After Midnight

Bug Fixes (cont.)[edit | edit source]

Glenn's techonologies should no longer be researchable multiple times (thanks Arathian)

Fixed Bormann's Germany referring to the Bürgerkreig instead of the Bürgerkrieg

IBR_iberiawars_stage_one idea should no longer be visible

Other Changes[edit | edit source]

Japanized the Empire of Japan to the Dai-Nippon Teihoku and the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere to Dai Tōa Kyōeiken