V1.3.0b Unfinished Business Patch B

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Unfinished Business Patch B is the v1.3.0b, for The New Order released on October 16, 2022, mainly fixing on the original Unfinished Business v1.3.0 version of the mod.

Minor Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Added a CCP for the West African Reconstruction
  • Both The USA - Fate of Madagascar and The USA - Intervention in Mozambique's Civil War ccps have been moved to the US' category
  • The Falangists are now Falangist
  • Bonnelly will no longer join the Iberian econonic sphere.

Other Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Added three new music tracks
  • Nudged Honolulu's victory point, as well as added a VP for Hilo

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Enforced Brutality now uses the correct values for attack and war support
  • Amedeo De Cia name is now spelt correctly in loading quote
  • Gamerules will no longer tell you liberals will flock to Sovereignists and conservatives to the Marxists depending on Bennett's CRA
  • Missing Holland CCP option title added
  • Desc of the one of options for the Fate of the Torzhok region CCP has been fixed
  • USA Senate GUI will now show the correct 1956 Rep and '52 and '56 Nat candidates in tooltips
  • CAR flag now appears properly in Mandate dectab
  • Johnson's secretary now writes his transition letter to Yockey
  • RFK's ghost no longer writes succession letters for Thurmond
  • MCS has remembered to write succession letters
  • Hart has decided building a second I94 immediately next to first was a bad idea and now builds I90 with the extra funds
  • I76 now displays correct texture once complete
  • WSLOCUST operation nows functions again, giving Irgun a slight increase in taking over
  • Bunyachenko's Smuta events now have working descriptions
  • Bolotov now gets his secret police chief trait properly
  • Ordosocialism now has its icon and correct name appear in politics screen
  • Serov no longer becomes generic fascist at regional
  • Morozov is no longer a teenager
  • Fixed several world events and cosmetic tags for Serov and Gumilyov, which checked old ideologies
  • MPR now gets its two subs for non-MtG players
  • Fixed Tomsk completely banning forced labor after starting chain gangs
  • Even if Hart gets a lot of votes for his bill in the Senate, Zsa Zsa will no longer be able to stage a coup.
  • Greater Manilla is longer holy
  • RFK's Social Security Act now checks if you actually passed it before deciding whether you passed or failed.
  • Bills fired by events during Hart's presidency now cancel the current focus if that focus is related to a bill, allowing for the player to re-select that focus and finish said bill.
  • The "Empower the Republicans" and "Empower the Democrats" branches of Bennett's tree have been switched to match their effects and lore.
  • The conclusion events to the SAW will actually fire and effect party popularity now.
  • The French Republic cosmetic tag will now correctly apply to France instead of the USA.
  • Free France will now properly declare war on the mainland.
  • AI Iberia and US will send volunteers to Colombia
  • Murmansk should no longer cause crashes over a broken naval OOB
  • Bennett's old portrait no longer remains in the USA Election GUI
  • The Eurasian Dream decisions no longer appear when you are ultranationalist.
  • Hart's Second Inauguration news event now fires
  • Fixed the size of Poujadism and Transitioning Democracy icons.
  • Partially patched vanilla supply bug in proxies (likely temporary fix until it's fixed in vanilla).
  • End of Indonesian Civil War no longer deletes all factions from the map
  • Several Malayan World Events now have the correct option appear for Japan
  • Poujade no longer uses the plain tricolor, keeps Vichy flag
  • The Peruvian world event will correctly display the date of the election
  • Reichsprotektorat Polen joins Germany's economic sphere properly
  • US Election code revised and segregationists no longer have superpowers