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Francis Parker Yockey
Francis Parker Yockey
40th, 41st, or 42nd
President of the United States
In Office
January 20, 1973 -
Vice PresidentLouis T. Byers
Personal details
Native nameFrancis Parker Yockey
Date of birth18th of September 1917
Place of birthChicago, Illinois, United States
Age at start44 years old
Nationality American
RolePotential 40th President of the United States
Political partyNational Progressive Pact - (Sovereigntist)
Ideology National Socialism

Francis Parker Yockey (born on the 18th of September 1917 in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.) is an American politician, attorney, political philosopher, and potential presidential candidate of the 1972 American election. He is the leader of the American National Vanguard, a National Socialist party in the National Progressive Pact.

In Game Description[edit | edit source]

Francis Parker Yockey is a man that few ever expected to be clothed in the powers of the Presidency. Now, however, after one of the most contentious elections in American history, an outspoken fascist sits in the White House. Originally an author and philosopher, Yockey became enthralled with the authoritarian and fascist movements occurring across the world during the 1930s. He took a particular interest in the works of Adolf Hitler while studying to become a lawyer, embracing the Nazi ideals of anti-semitism and ultranationalism. Following the publication of his self-described magnum opus, "Imperium: the Philosophy of History and Politics", Yockey fathered a new movement in American politics by founding an ultra-far right section of the National Progressive Pact. Originally calling their wing of the NPP the "American National Vanguard", Yockey and his followers were quickly abhorred by the rest of the American political spectrum and simply dubbed "Yockeyites". However, through the failures of his enemies and sheer providence, his faction now stands triumphant over the American political system.

The election of Yockey as President has stirred more than a few rats from the woodwork. In many cities across America, mainly in the South, it is not uncommon to see men wearing the hooded white robes of the Klu Klux Klan. Similarly, there is open talk of repealing landmark Civil Rights legislation of the past 20 years. Increasingly common lynchings of Black Americans go unnoticed and uninvestigated. In short, hate is being normalized across the United States, and many within and without the political establishment are terrified where this authoritarian wave might go.

Yockey, despite being the leader of the most powerful free nation on Earth, has been unclear and contradictory on his opinions of liberty. Many believe that, regardless of whatever outward show he makes of keeping American liberties intact, he is still a fascist, and will do everything he is able to strengthen the office of President. Yockey himself simply decries "culture-distorters" and claims to safeguard Western Civilization. Exactly what Yockey is protecting it from remains unclear, but with a cross and a star-spangled cloak, Francis Parker Yockey sits in the Oval Office, ready to execute his will upon America.

Procedure On Achieving the Yockey Presidency[edit | edit source]

Like getting Gus Hall as president, the player must fail in pretty much every major decision or conflict, which may include:

  • Prolonging and failing US Proxy Wars (i.e. South Africa, Indonesia and Iran) to get massive domestic unrest and trigger wide-scale radicalization amongst the population.
  • Pass the Civil Rights Act to get George Wallace elected and then impeach him.
  • As Wallace's vice president Curtis LeMay, provokethe Dixiecrat southern base by passing a new Civil Rights Act, angering and further radicalizing the NPP-FR base to the point where they defect to Yockey's faction.
  • Have Barry Goldwater win the 1968 election, then fail as him by not being able to get legislation passed and get caught targeting the unions.
  • Destroy the unity of the Republican-Democratic Party and ensure that NPP unity is fairly high by 1972.
  • Getting 20% party popularity for the Yockeyites will allow Yockey to be the 1972 NPP presidential candidate.
  • If the above methods fail, you can use console commands to give Yockey 100%+ party popularity to win the election.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The developers chose Yockey over the far more well known George Lincoln Rockwell due to them feeling Rockwell was overused. Rockwell is still referenced in the game as the namesake of Fall Rockwell, Hermann Göring's invasion of the United States.

In OTL, Yockey did not rise to popularity nor pursue active action in politics, instead he chose to write and a minor figure in fascist circles globally. Famous for writing "Imperium: The Philosophy of History and Politics" under a pseudonym, he would be arrested by the FBI for after discovering his false passports after a trip to Canada, he would commit suicide in FBI custody in 1960.

The music for the super event of his presidency is America's national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner played in a mournful minor key, as a jab at the player that they have killed the last democracy in the world.