Éamon de Valera

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Éamon de Valera as he appears in 1962, as Uachtarán (President)

Éamon de Valera (born on 14th October 1882, in New York) is an Irish politician, serving as Uachtarán (figurehead President) since 1959, and former officer in the Irish Volunteers.

The founder of Fianna Fáíl, a Christian conservative party with three main factions, the conservative Liberals, the paternalist Lemassites and the despotic Hardliners; Fianna Fáíl has been the the dominant Irish political party for several decades, formed from former anti-Treaty Sinn Féin members in 1926 after the Irish Civil War.

During the Second World War, de Valera oversaw the German-backed Irish invasion of Northern Ireland and establishment of the Northern Counties Special Zone as Taoiseach (Prime Minister).