The Second West Russian War

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This article is for the submod. For the potential war of the same name see Second West Russian War.
The Second West Russian War
StatusReleased, Receiving Continued Development
DevelopersChrisuam, Amira
Last Update6 November, 2023
TypeExpansion Submod
FeaturesPost Russian Reunification Content, Basic Second West Russian War content for all unifiers, Unique Main Menu and Start Up.
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The Second West Russian War, or 2WRW, known previously as Brave New World, is a Sub-Mod for The New Order: Last Days of Europe which focuses around potential Russian unifiers and their intervention into the Cold War between the United States of America, the Greater Germanic Reich and the Empire of Japan by the 1970s. The mod seeks to implement post-unification content for Russian warlords, including the eponymous Second West Russian War.

Background[edit | edit source]

Origins[edit | edit source]

Originally conceptualized as a mod that would seek to change the names of Eastern European countries, the mod quickly grew in popualrity with the TNO team, leading its creator, Solstron, to take the mod more seriously.

Foundations - 1.1.0[edit | edit source]

Foundations was a series of updates that added basic content for all unifiers, such as: the ability to declare war on the Einheitspakt, basic peace deals and basic super events. During this period, several key developers would join the team such as Solo, Socks, Pina, Tukh Enjoyer and Majchin.

Dreams of Federation 1.2.0[edit | edit source]

Dreams of Federation was the first major update to 2WRW which would introduce content for Vasily Shukshin's Russian Federation which included 8-9 year's worth of content alongside the Federal Assembly mechanic. The Toolbox Theory Patch would also see some quality-of-life changes to 2WRW such as integration icons as well as adjustments to Shukshin's content.

Ulysses of Serica 1.3.0-1.3.5[edit | edit source]

Ulysses of Serica was a major update that merged The Ma Mod with 2WRW, leading to the name being changed to Brave New World

Codetalker 1.4.0[edit | edit source]

Codetalker was the next major update to 2WRW. Starting its development around the same time as Dreams of Federation. Codetalker seeked to implement several mechanics such as War Mechanics, Reconstruction, Nukes and proxy wars such as the Second Great Northern War. There were also plans to give nations outside of Russia, such as Germany, new content.

Solaris 1.4.4[edit | edit source]

Solaris was a minor update that had the purpose to bugfix and patch BNW. Originally all new content added in Solaris were meant for "Global Conflict", but the team has decided to update and patch the submod as soon as possible. This was the final update before BNW was changed back to 2WRW.

Global Conflicts 1.4.X[edit | edit source]

Global Conflicts is a minor update that aimed at enriching the world of TNO pass its original expiry date of 1972. Events, interactions surround Europe, Asia and the aftermath of the Second West Russian War and its consequences, especially in Germany and the former Einheitspakt.

Battle on the Ice 1.5.0[edit | edit source]

Battle on the Ice is the upcoming Omsk update for 2WRW, featuring The Great Trial and its consequences, it also includes playable skeleton content for the USA after the NPP’s Collapse following the 1972 Election.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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