Second West Russian War

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Second West Russian War
Part of The Cold War
From top to bottom: Russian troops firing artillery, Russian division positioned at a stronghold, Russian AFV stuck in the Caucasus
Datec. 1973/1974
PlaceEastern Europe, West Russia
Russian Unifier
CSTO (Potentially)
Supported by:
The Leader of Russia
The Führer (Albert Speer/Martin Bormann)

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This article is for the potential war. For the Submod of the same name which adds the war see The Second West Russian War.

The Second West Russian War is the name for the potential war that would be fought between Germany and the Einheitspakt, and a newly reunified Russia around the year 1973. The possibility of this war comes from the TNO Submod : Second West Russian War.

Preparations[edit | edit source]

A specific tree is given to the newly reunified Russia and Germany just before the War. Russia's preparation tree has the goal of building up the Army and the national industry of the country, while Germany's preparation trees is to fortify the Eastern frontier with the Russians.

The War[edit | edit source]

In the war, both side have a bar of War Weariness and tension. The more the War Weariness goes up, the more debuffs are added, likewise the more tension goes up, the more buffs are given, but, if the tension goes up to 100%, both side then have to possibility to nuke each other.

To make War weariness not go up, both sides have objectives like "Retake Moskva" (Russian side) or "Defend Moskva" (German side) and attacking or defending various key objectives, that will make the bar go down by a specific number.

Another mechanic of the war is the entry of specific countries back into the Einheitspakt. These countries are : Hungary, Norway, Romania and the United Kingdom. As Russia, you can stop them from entering the Einheitspakt by diplomatically appeasing them throughout the war.

Outcomes[edit | edit source]

There are a lot of different outcomes from this war, they include :

  • Total German Victory, the Russian border is pushed back to the pre West Russian War borders, near the Urals and where Karelia and Murmansk is re-given to Finland ;
  • German Victory, where a stalemate happens, not changing any of the borders in place ;
  • Partial Russian Victory, Russia takes back the lands from RK Moscowien and Moskva, but Germany keeps the Caucasus and their Eastern puppets ;
  • Russian Victory, Russia takes back Moscowien and the Caucasus ;
  • Partial Russian Total Victory, in this outcome, Russia retakes Moscowien, the Caucasus and Ukraine, but Reichkommissariat Ostland remains under Germany's boot ;
  • Total Russian Victory, Russia retakes all of the Eastern countries, Moscowien and the Caucasus.
  • Nuclear Annihilation, Germany / Russia sends nukes on each side, provoking a Nuclear Holocaust

Consequences[edit | edit source]

These consequences mostly happen in Russian victory scenarios. These consequences can include :

  • A Revolution in Denmark (Requires conditions for a Total Russian Victory)
  • A Exile Referendum in the Netherlands (Requires conditions for a Partial Russian Victory)
  • A civil war in Hungary (Requires conditions for a Total Russian Victory)
  • A coup in Germany (Speer - Total Russian Victory)
  • A civil war in Germany (Bormann / Göring - Total Russian Victory)
  • A civil war in Poland (Bormann / Göring - Total Russian Victory)