Andrey Dikiy

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Andrey Dikiy[edit | edit source]

Birth name[edit | edit source]

Andrey Ivanovich Zankevich

(Андрей Иванович Занкевич)

Role[edit | edit source]

Potential foreign minister of Komi and potential leader of the Regency of Holy Russia

Location[edit | edit source]


Born[edit | edit source]

3rd September 1893 (age 68)

Gaivoron, Chernigov Oblast, Russian Empire

Nationality[edit | edit source]


Political party[edit | edit source]

Society for the Restoration of the Russian Empire

Political alignment[edit | edit source]

Imperial Cultist

Andrey Dikiy is a foreign minister of Komi under Sergey Taboritsky's reign and the leader of the post-Midnight Regency of Holy Russia.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Political career[edit | edit source]

As part of the OVRI, he is an adherent of Taboritsky's ideology yet is less idealist than him. Instead of paving the way for Alexei II to return to Russia, Michał Goleniewski instead takes that role and proclaims a new Russian Empire. Appalled by this, Dikiy creates the Regency of Holy Russia in response to the pretender's state.

Andrey Dikiy does not truly believe that Alexei II is still alive, rather he propagates this in order to maintain his power and take full advantage of the situation in Russia. He is commonly cited to be one of the most vile, genocidal, and depraved warlords in the post-Midnight Far East. Essentially creating an "eternal regency," Dikiy plans to have all the power to himself and further liquidize Russia's spoils.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Originally, Andrey Dikiy was going to be the leader for Komi's Burgundian System path under neopagan extremism. Instead, he was replaced by Taboritsky and was repurposed into one of his cabinet members, while the idea of neopagan extremists was reused for the Aryan Brotherhood under Valery Yemelyanov. In the v1.1.1 "After Midnight" update, he becomes the leader of the aforementioned Regency of Holy Russia.