Armeeverband "Freies Europa"

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Armeeverband “Freies Europa”
Flag of Armeeverband “Freies Europa”
Ruling Party Reichsbanner Schwarz-Rot-Gold
Head of StateWilly Brandt
Sphere No Sphere
Foreign AlignmentNon-Aligned
Credit Rating Junk
Market Type Gelenkte Wirtschaft

Armeeverband "Freies Europa", or the Free Europe Army, is an alliance of German and Eastern European resistance groups organized around German resistance leader Willy Brandt, the leader of the slave revolt that occurs in the German colonies of Eastern Europe in the early 1970s, while Albert Speer is leader. Führer Albert Speer's social reforms in the late 60s gave the European resistance an opportunity for a mass slave revolt across German Eastern Europe, directly challenging Speer's vision for the Reich. Determined to free Europe from Nazi tyranny, Germany's reactions towards the European resistance will define the future of Speer, his cabinet, and all of Germany.

Though the German government can negotiate with the Armeeverband, securing freedom for the slaves, it can also crush it with an unrelenting wrath via military intervention. Depending on certain actions taken, the outcomes of the Slave Revolt can determine the outcomes of Speer's government based on advice taken from the Gang of Four.