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Capital of the Republic of the N.C.S.Z
State GDP$0.43B
Culture Ulster

Belfast is the Capital of Northern Counties Special Zone, and the former Capital City of British Controlled Northern Ireland. Inhabited by a majority Protestant culture, many inhabitants resent the status and situation they find themselves in.

In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

Although it has been inhabited since the Neolithic Era, Belfast was a village of little note until a flood of trade and immigrants in the 17th century. It grew even further in the 19th century and became the heart of Irish industry, though its swelling population led to rising tensions between Catholic and Protestand residents. However, it was still a town dominated by pro-British Unionists, and became the capital of British North Ireland following the south's independence.

That all changed in the 1940s, when the Germans swept into Britain and the Republic took over the whole island. Belfast now sits on edge, capital of an autonomous zone whose people feel very strongly about their current political status, to say the least.