Benito Mussolini

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Benito Mussolini in Uniform, n.d.

Benito Mussolini (29 July 1883-25 April 1953) was an Italian politician and journalist, who ruled Italy from 1925 to his death in 1953. Known as Il Duce (The Leader), Mussolini was the founder of Italian fascism, and served as a role model for Adolf Hitler during his early rise.

Despite his death in 1953, Mussolini's legacy in Italy still remains, with the PNI still being the leading political party in Italy, with an iron grip over the nation.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Mussolini joined Hitler during WWII and gained territory in the Balkans, Africa, and the Levant. Following the war, Mussolini and Hitler had a major falling out over their spheres of influence. Mussolini took Italy out of the Axis and founded the Triumvirate with Turkey and Iberia.

As the 1950s progressed, Mussolini's health declined. His last act as leader was welcoming thousands of "undesirables," including Jews and other ethnic minorities into Italy as a last act to spite Hitler, many of which emigrated to the Governorate of the Levant. He died shortly afterwards and was succeeded by his son in law, Galeazzo Ciano.