Chelyabinsk Institute

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Chelyabinsk Institute
Российская Ультравизионная Советская Федерация, Rossiyskaya Ul'travizionnaya Sovetskaya Federatsiya
Ruling Party Sovet Direktov (Tr. Soviet Directors)
Head of StateNikolai Kardashev
Sphere No Sphere
Foreign AlignmentNon-Aligned
Market Type Planned Economy

The Chelyabinsk Institute is an organization considered by many to be enigmatic, elitist, and shadowy. Indeed, by survivors of Magnitogorsk, it may be considered the second coming of Lysenko - a cabal of technocrats, visionaries, and scientists that rules over a city with the assistance of their loyal security forces. However, this is not true in the slightest. In reality, the Institute is a benevolent institution, run as the last enclave of science and vision within Russia, founded by the combined effort of Ultravisonary refugees, saner scientists from the Black Mountain, and intellectuals that have fled from all over Russia. In their isolated city, the Institute seeks to build a small enclave of reason in a wasteland of madness - and will put all of their talents to work in the defense of their new home.

The Chelyabinsk Institute is a state that emerges in the aftermath of Sergey Taboritsky's Holy Russian Empire. Led by the idealistic scientist and Ultravisionary Socialist Nikolai Kardashev, the Chelyabinsk Institute aspires to be a beacon of freedom, progress, and idealism in a wasteland of despair. While the Institute's forces are small, the infrastructure of Chelyabinsk means that they are capable of equipping an army with capabilities that outstrip their size. However, Chelyabinsk's greatest issue is the lack of information on its own populace, in which the government is often left uninformed on vital information like how much food they have or how resources are being distributed. Kardashev tries resolving this issue by hosting a committee, in which the only thing they can agree on is establishing a census and survey to actually communicate with the citizens and gather information. The country is largely composed of researchers who want to heal the Russian land from Taboritsky's chemical weapons and ultimately make it more livable for the average citizen. In spite of everything, Kardashev and his circle believe in a better world after the wrath of dictators, with scientific progress to back their means. Unfortunately, numerous problems like widespread starvation prevent them from acting out on their vision in a timely manner and many of their citizens are growing restless with their perceived lack of progress. Their idealism is greatly shattered when several of their soldiers fire live rounds into a crowd of protestors, throwing into question whether Kardashev's dream is achievable.

Upon non canon unification, they will be known as the Russian Ultravisonary Soviet Federation, ensuring that Russia will be able to feel the dream and success of progress.