Disaster Suite of the Obscure

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Disaster Suite of the Obscure
Release Date30 November 2022
Composed byAlseber
Track Number10
Track Length3 minutes, 18 seconds
YouTube LinkTNO OST: Disaster Suite of the Obscure
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Disaster Suite of the Obscure is one of the 53 tracks released as part of Volume 1 of the New Order Official Soundtrack. This is the second of two tracks composed by Alseber for the TNO OST.

Composer's Notes[edit | edit source]

The piece tries to reflect the situation of the Russian warlords in the 2nd Time of Troubles. Disaster suite was originally a broken note bought for Russia by the German army, but time have changed. The First West Russian War ended Nazi hegemony almost directly, It also shows the Slavic people's potential for engagement and their determination to resist. In the end, though, the Nazis managed to hold off their attack, but Russian people have already rewritten a tear in the dark order!Now, across the vast land still controlled by the Russians, the warlords are armed, suffering and ambitious. They know, They knew that the only way to regain Russia's glory is to try to unite a great nation strong enough to mount a crushing offensive against the Aryan Reich. Disaster suite will be changed into a tragic and great concerto, but now, it should be drain out of this damn Obscure!

Instruments Used[edit | edit source]

• Skeversen/Carvin DC7X electric Guitar
• Ibanez Custom 5 Electric Bass
• TAMA Custom Drum Set
• Violin
• Steinway & Sons Classical Piano
• Orthodox Bell Set