Dmitry Karbyshev

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Dmitry Karbyshev
Dmitry Karbyshev, 1962
Native NameДмитрий Михайлович Карбышев
Date of Birth26 October 1880
Place of BirthOmsk, Russian Empire
Age at start81 years old
Nationality Russian (Omsk)
RoleHead of State of Omsk
Political Party
ChL - Oficerskaya Klika,
ChL - Loyalisty Karbysheva
Despotism (Personally)
Ultramilitarism (Party)

Dmitry Mikhaylovich Karbyshev (Дмитрий Михайлович Карбышев) was born on the 26th of October in 1880 in Omsk. He is the founder of the All-Russian Black League in Omsk. He is the main theorist for the Great Trial, albiet different from the one the newer officers in Omsk practice.

Dmitry Yazov succeeds him due to his death early game.

In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

Dmitry Mikhaylovich Karbyshev's story is a tragic one, full of betrayal, loss, and fury. He first fought for the Tsar in the Great War, joined the Red Guards in the Civil War, and returned to duty when the Motherland was invaded once more. Captured by the Germans and sent to a string of concentration camps, Karbyshev was beaten, tortured, and left to die, but he never lost hope in his people. Eventually, he and a few others escaped the death camps and fled east, past the Union's weakening grip and into the arms of Lazar Kaganovich's West Siberian People's Republic. Embittered by years of suffering, Karbyshev resolved to never let Russia see such torment again. He began planning for what he called the Great Trial, the coming final conflict with Germany that would seal Russia's fate. Gathering many like-minded comrades to his cause, he soon rebelled against Kaganovich and seized Omsk, turning the city into a fortress where he could prepare in peace. Karbyshev proclaimed the rule of the All-Russian Black League, the only organization he saw fit to guide Russia through what lay ahead. But time wore on, and distrust grew among his once-loyal officers. Now he can do naught but watch the vultures circling above, and weep at how those he hoped to save fight each other instead of the enemy. The Great Trial looms ever closer, and unless someone worthy takes up his mantle, Dmitry Karbyshev fears Russia will be doomed when it arrives.

Backstory[edit | edit source]

Dmitry Karbyshev was captured at the start of the Great Patriotic War, in the Mogilev Region during Operation Barbarossa

Sent to various concentration camps, he was coerced repeatedly to work for the Nazis. Time after time he refused, instead leading a resistance cell in the concentration camps he was held in.

As the German victory neared for the Soviet Union, the guards of Mauthausen decided to eliminate a significant majority of prisoners. 500 men were forced to undress and then doused with freezing cold water, left to expire in the cold February air.

Karbyshev refused to let the cold kill him, instead he waited for the guards to leave, before escaping the clutches of the Reich and fled back to Russia.

The torture and freezing water he endured in that godforsaken camp changed the course of his life, leaving his heart a frozen lump. At an uncertain time, presumably during the West Russian War, he reemerged in the West Siberian People's Republic after he had returned to his home city of Omsk.

Karbyshev would serve as a lieutenant general under the West Siberian People's Republic, led by Lazar Kaganovich. However, he and Kaganovich's relations were always tense. Driven by his bitterness towards the Germans, as well as his survivalist beliefs, he broke ties with Kaganovich and founded the All-Russian Black League, taking control of Omsk.

He believed that the leadership of his new league was the only way that Russia could survive the impending Great Trial, where German and Russian troops meet once more. He became the mentor of Dmitri Yazov, who he destined to succeed him and prepare Russia for the Great Trial. A final war against Russia, with a possible destruction of Russia as an entity.

Unbeknownst to him, however, the despots and their clique of officers have twisted his words and effectively destroyed the Black League's orginal purpose. Now, as a powerless, dying figurehead, he can only watch his time run out before the All-Russian Black League gears itself towards a war of revenge and destruction against Germany in their final hope of the Great Trial.