Hans Frank

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Hans Frank
Hans Frank in 1962
Secretary for StateJosef Bühler
Personal details
Native nameHans Michael Frank
Date of birthMay 23rd, 1900
Place of birthKarlsruhe, Grand Duchy of Baden, German Empire
Age at start61 years old
RoleHead of State of the General Government
Political partyNational Socialist German Workers' Party
Ideology National Socialism

"If I had to put up a poster for every seven Poles shot, the forests of Poland would not be sufficient to manufacture the paper."

Hans Michael Frank (born on the 23rd of May 1900) is the governor and head of state of the General Governorate of the Vistula.

Role in the Generalgouvernement[edit | edit source]

Frank is ruthless in his rule over the Polish population, responsible for the death of millions of Poles. He often attempts to perform vast reprisals against citizens, whenever the Polish Underground State defies Nazi rule.

Hans Frank's ruthlessness may only be matched by his incompetence. While he claims that Poland's Germanization rate is one of the highest in the Reich, the General Government is barely Germanized at all. While he also attempts to take harsh actions against the aforementioned Polish Underground State, his decisions often lead to failure, and a resistance movement that is more angered and powerful than ever.

None of this information has reached Germania, however. Frank has forged the majority of his reports to the Fuhrer. Therefore, from the perspective of Germany, the colony is a shining example of Nazi rule and stability. In reality however, the underground Polish resistance remains alive and widespread, not having risen up yet due to the presence of a sizable German garrison.