Harold Macmillan

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Harold Macmillan
Harold Macmillan, 1965
Prime Minister of the British Government-in-exile
Date of Birth10th February 1894
Place of BirthLondon, United Kingdom
Age at start62
Nationality British
RolePrime Minister
Ideology Paternalistic Conservatism

Maurice Harold Macmillan (born 10 February 1894) is the prime minister of the British Government-in-exile in Canada and potential Prime Minister of the United Kingdom if Free Britain wins during the English Civil War and Operation Sealion II is avoided.

In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

Absolutely nothing brings Maurice Harold Macmillan more joy than to be back in his beloved isles. After almost two decades in exile in Canada, "Supermac" is back - and better than ever.

Born to a very well-off family in 1894 and educated in Eton College and Oxford, Macmillan is the archetypal Edwardian gentlemen. A pragmatic man of sharp wit and strong character, he was one of the key opponents of appeasement in Parliament - fending off the cowardly "pragmatism" shown by the likes of Rab Butler. This made him few friends amongst the Nazis when Sealion struck, however; Macmillan was on the list of select people to be "dealt with" upon occupation.

Fleeing to Canada along with his compatriots in both the Conservative and Labour parties, Macmillan has been one of the collaborator regime's strongest opponents for years on end. What was once a life of spirited debate and fiery passion became an ever-more wintry existence, as the iciness of the north began to freeze his hopes for a free Britain.

And then, the Resistance won.

Returning to his home a new man, Macmillan is the archetypal "One-Nation" Conservative, intent on unifying a broken nation, regardless of class or creed. The challenges he faces shall undoubtedly be great. However, if there was ever a man for the job it is Supermac - and once he's through with her, Britain will never have had it so good!