Hinrich Lohse

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Hinrich Lohse
Hinrich Lohse, 1962
Reichskommissar of Ostland
Date of Birth2 September 1896
Place of BirthMühlenbarbek, Schleswig-Holstein, German Empire
Age at start65 years old
Nationality German
Political PartyAOdNSDAP
Ideology National Socialism

Hinrich Lohse (born 2 September 1896) is a German politician, and Reichskommissar of Ostland.

In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

If one was to take a look at all the Reichskommissariats of Germany, they would not find an impressive sight. Most of the Reichskommissariats are falling apart at the seams, disloyal to the Reich, or simply unprofitable hellholes. However, one among these squabbling puppets stands out as a true jewel of Germany. Reichskommissariat Ostland is a mostly calm, profitable, and somewhat Germanized state, and it was all because of one man: Hinrich Lohse. A veteran of the Great War, an early devotee to the Party, and High President of Schleswig-Holstein, it was no surprise when Lohse was appointed to the job as Reichskommissar. From there, he managed Ostland loosely, delegating much of the necessary work to his most loyal and competent subordinates. This strategy has borne much fruit, as Ostland is one of the most Germanized, most profitable, and most stable Reichskommissariats. As long as these men had Lohse to control them and act as figurehead, this system worked.

However, bad health gets the best of everyone, and over the last few years Lohse has slipped away from the spotlight more and more. With him goes his uniting presence, and those under him have understood this. With Lohse's already loose hand growing more and more limp, those subordinates who once served loyally now begin to eye Lohse's seat with a growing hunger.

As Drechsler, Stahlecker, and Meyer-Landrut bicker with one another, Kovner's attacks grow more and more bold, and Vituska and Jeckeln watch and plot behind closed doors, one can see the clear cracks in the system. The people of Ostland can only hope that either Lohse recovers or a compromise candidate is selected as his replacement, lest chaos and blood flow through the streets of Riga.