Iberian Wars

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Iberian Wars
Part of The Cold War
From top to bottom: Iberian Wars Superevent, Spanish republican militia
AbilitiesEquipment, Manpower, Advisors
DateMid-1960s - Early-1970s
PlaceIberian Penisula
ResultIberia is splintered into various warring states
Spanish Civil War

Spanish Government

Iberian Federal Government

Supported by:
Italian Empire (Potentially)

Spanish Republic

Supported by:
Italian Empire (Potentially)

Falangist Spain

Supported by:
Italian Empire (Potentially)

Portuguese Civil War

Portuguese Government
Portuguese Republic

Moroccan Civil War

Spanish Civil War

Portuguese Civil War

António de Oliveira Salazar (Potentially)

Salazar's Successor (Potentially)

Moroccan Civil War

The Iberian Union is Restored.
The Third Spanish Republic is Established, and secessionist states become independent.
A Falangist Spanish State is Established
Secessionist states become independent

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The Iberian Wars are a series of conflicts that break out in Iberian Peninsula for several potential reasons, but will escalated when an armed revolt occurs in the Basque region of Spain.

The Causes[edit | edit source]

As the Iberian Wars are present as a fail state for the Iberian Union, there are several ways to cause it to break out. The war itself is triggered in-game if the Iberian Union's stability is at the critically unstable level. This state can caused by a ton of different factors, but the breaking points are usually the Iberian economic crash, the Iberian council being dissolved, or Franco becoming the sole Caudillo after Salazar's death.

Regardless of what causes the Iberian Union to become so unstable, the chain of events leading to the actual Iberian Wars from there has less variance.

It starts with the Basque Separatists being successful in launching an armed revolt taking control of the Basque region. This causes a chain reaction as the Iberian military fails to initially take the rebellion down.

This incompetency leads to the Portuguese government leaving the Iberian Union. Shortly afterwards, Morocco declares independence, with the Iberian Government either deciding to acknowledge it or sending forces to retake it.

As Iberian forces are spread both northward and westward, the Catalonian independence movement declares the regions' independence. The growing chaos leads to Spanish democrats and reformers to seize power in Southern Spain. Finally, the Falangists attempt a coup in Madrid and then start a revolt in Northern Spain.

By this point, the Iberian Union has completely collapsed. With the Union collapsed and multiple factions vying for power, several conflicts will break out in its former territory of the Iberian peninsula.

The Conflicts[edit | edit source]

The Second Spanish Civil War[edit | edit source]

In Spain, a three-way civil war will be break out. In the north of Spain, a radical branch of the FET y de las JONS will seek to overthrow Franco and establish a Falangist Spain after a failed coup. In the south, those who seek to reform the Spanish Government will be tired of peaceful protests and will now seek to overthrow Franco by force. Meanwhile, Franco and his supporters hope to survive these two rebellions and eventually restore the Iberian Union.

The Portuguese Civil War[edit | edit source]

Shortly after leaving the union, a far right faction of the Portuguese military attempts to coup the government leading to civil war. This war will initially be between Government Loyalists and the far-right Government of National Salvation. However, if the war drags on long enough, a pro-democracy faction of the Portuguese Army and Communist revolutionaries will revolt against the Government of National Salvation.

Northwest Africa War[edit | edit source]

The Basque rebellion and Portugal seccession from the Iberian Union will lead to King Hassan II to demand recognition from the government in Madrid of an independent Morocco. The player/A.I. can choose to do so and avoid at least one more faction for the Federalists to fight. Regardless of the choice, Morocco will be an independent country, but has its own war to fight against both a pro-democracy uprising and the efforts of Traza's government to reclaim land from Morocco.

Iberian Reunification War[edit | edit source]

This conflict will occur if a player or A.I controlled Federalist Spain wins the Second Spanish War. After reunifying Spain, Franco will move his forces towards invading Portugal for the sake of forcibly reforming the Iberian Union.

The Iberian Anarchy[edit | edit source]

A unique mechanic for the nations involved with the Iberian Wars is that if the country's war weariness go above a certain level, it will face a either new splinter nation or in a couple of case a new government coming into power. a list of these potential nation includes:

  • Kingdom of Spain: If the Republic of Spain reach above 35% war weariness it will restore the Bourbon Spanish monarchy to keep the Constitutional Monarchist on their side.
  • Spanish Provisional Government: If the Kingdom of Spain reaches over 70% war weariness, the military will coup the civilian government.
  • Republic of Andalusia: When the Spanish Provisional Government formed ,the local government of Andalusia will secede to protest the military coup
  • Frente Azul and National Redemption Front: If Falangist Spain has over 70% war weariness, it will spilt into two countries. One is Frente Azul run by Falangist who adhered to National Socialism. The other is National Redemption Front run by fanatical Catholics.
  • Asturian Workers' Battalions: If Falangist Spain has over 20% war weariness, an Asturian separatist organization will rise up
  • ETA controlled Basque Republic: The ETA will coup the Basque Republic if war weariness is over 50%.
  • Catalan Popular Front: The Left wing of the Catalonia independence movement will rebel against the Catalonia government if war weariness is over 50%.
  • The Portuguese Provisional Republic: If the Government of the National Salivation reaches a war weariness of 40% a pro-democracy faction of the army will rise up
  • The Portuguese People's Republic: Likewise if The Portuguese Provisional Republic reaches a war weariness of 40%, communist revoltunaries will rise up.