Igor Shafarevich

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Igor Shafarevich
Igor Shafarevich, 1962
Date of Birth3rd June 1923
Place of BirthZhytomyr, Ukrainian SSR, USSR
Age at start39
Nationality Russian (Komi)
RoleHead of Russian National Party
Political PartyRossiyskaya Natsionalnaya Partiya

Российская Национальная Партия

Russian National Party

Ideology Paternalistic Conservative (façade) Controlled Democrat (actual)

Igor Rostislavovich Shafarevich (Russian: Игорь Ростиславович Шафаревич; born 3 June 1923) is a mathematician and the head of Russian National Party.

In-Game Description

Igor Rostislavovich Shafarevich is many things to many people. Fascist. Democrat. Reformist. Radical. Anti-semite. Patriot. But if there's one thing that people do not call him, it is unintelligent. Shafarevich, born to a moderately successful family living in Moscow, was from a young age gifted at mathematics. A remarkable genius for his age, he was enrolled in a university level math course, even entering his final undergraduate year at Moscow University without having finished the 9th grade. His future never seemed brighter, until the German arrived.

Forced to flee Moscow, he was evacuated to the east, in Komi, never to see Moscow again. As Russia was consumed in warlordism, Shafarevich became involved in politics in Komi, a rump state carved up after the failure that was the West Russian War. There, he rose up the ranks of the right wing Passionariyy organization, leading the party's moderate faction, much to the chagrin of Gumilyov and his faction.

Developing a right wing ideology known as 'Passionate Conservatism', Shafarevich has made himself popular among more reformist rightists in the party, those favoring working within the democratic system. Despite this, he has been accused of fascism, anti-semitism, as his hatred of the 'small nation' (a group of 'anti-national elites' whose values are completely at odds with Russia) echoes that of the hatred of Jews and other minority groups. Now, as leader of Komi, he will fully implement his vision of a better, more stable, order.