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As part of the general interaction between the devs and the player base, Jargon has been thrown around by the devs to keep the player base informed on possible changes and burning questions of curious players. These are some that have been used so far.

Soon + 2 Weeks.[edit | edit source]

"Soon + 2 weeks" is a term generally used in response to questions pertaining to potential releases for which there is no confirmed date and time for.

For example: A:"When is the next update going to be released"

B:"Soon + 2 Weeks"

OTL (Our Timeline)[edit | edit source]

"OTL" is a term generally used to refer to our timeline, such as to refer to a character's actions in our timeline or the differences between the TNO Timeline and ours.

In addition, "TNOTL" is the term used for things that are the same in the TNO Timeline and in our Timeline.

Streng Geheim[edit | edit source]

"Streng Geheim" is German for Top Secret. Generally seen in Ordensstaat Burgundy's focus tree if the player is not playing them. It is also used in response to questions that cannot be answered due to confidentiality. It is also sometimes used by devs in ask_a_dev channels as a way to say "TBD".