Jean-Louis Tixier-Vignancour

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Jean-Louis Tixier-Vignancour
Jeain-Louis Tixier-Vignancour in 1963
President of the French State
Assumed Office:
1958 -
Preceded byPiere Laval
Succeeded byCharles Huntziger
Member of Parliament for Basses-Pyrénées
Preceded byGeorge Moutet
Succeeded byTBD
Personal details
Native NameJean-Louis Gilbert Tixier
Date of Birth12 October 1907
Place of BirthParis, France
Age at start54 years old
Nationality French
RoleStarting head of state
Political PartyRassemblement pour la Révolution Nationale
Ideology Fascism

Jean-Louis Tixier-Vignancour (Born October 12 1907] is the current President of the French State. He succeeded President Piere Laval after his sudden death in 1958. While initial successful in saving from the French State following the political crisis caused by forming of the SS State of Burgundy, recent times however has seen the Rally for the National Revolution become increasingly factional threaten to start a new crisis.

In-Game Biography[edit | edit source]

In his ascension to Presidency, Jean-Louis Tixier-Vignancour is the quintessential representation of the current catastrophic deadlock the French State finds itself in. Elected to the long-defunct National Assembly of the Third Republic in 1936 and the subsequent French State, he is as loved as he is hated in the spheres of French Politics.

After the catastrophic West Russian War and the establishment of the Ordensstat, Piere Laval's - the then-President of France - unexpectedly died, leaving the French State once again with a ruinous political system. The nearly-collapsing State found Tixier-Vignancour as the most capable man of uniting a shattered nation, and thus, he was appointed to the seat of power. Loved as much as he is hated, he nonetheless succeeded in ensuring the continued existence of the French State, through successfully uniting the fractured Parti Nationale, rebuilding the faint sense of stability that had been destroyed in the wake of the economic crisis.

While ostensibly not a Germanophile, his messages of further collaboration with the Germans continues to draw large numbers to the various opposition movements in the Assemblée, hungering for a change from the status quo. As the Reich continues to deteriorate, and the chaos that had gripped France before rears its head once more, Jean-Louis Tixier-Vignancour and his government are stuck fighting over meaningless issues - while the new era of French politics begins to advance without them.

With the Résistance growing in strength in every passing day, and the looming threat of Burgundy breathing down the French State's neck, the French State is perhaps in the worst position it can be in.

Vignancour himself knows that the peace in Europe is tenuous, and once broken - France may well burn once more.