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Nikolaus 'Klaus' Barbie, (born 25th October 1913) is a security minister for the SS State of Burgundy. Should the SS Civil War break out in the event of a Heydrich Germany, he leads the breakaway state that is the Security Service of the Reichsführer-SS and is part of the Himmler-leaning faction.

In Game Description[edit | edit source]

The Butcher of Lyon makes his new home in Danzig, bringing his old troops, his old ideas, his old means- but new, fresh amounts of blood.

Many words come to mind when the name Klaus Barbie is brought up, and few of them are good. A Gestapo and SS functionary during the war, Barbie made his name on wholesale slaughter, keeping the French in check during the occupation. Such cunning brutality quickly brought him to the forefront of SS operations, and his drive- and promotions- never slowed. Soon, he was sent to Germany by direct order of the Reichsführer, a critical part of Heydrich's support in East Prussia- and an eye kept on the protégé.

Once the Burgerkrieg was won, Barbie was reassigned to Danzig, ordered to keep his eye on Heydrich under the guise of "Anti-Partisan actions"- a move that has paid off in full, as Heydrich splits from Himmler and Germany breaks apart again. Barbie's hold on Danzig and the surrounding area remains stable, even in these troubled times- and with native partisans to the north, potential treachery to his south and west, and few allies to the East, his determination has only grown.

Barbie is the unshakeable eye of Himmler's forces, a siphon of intelligence and codes. The SS-Standartenführer does all he can to deliver the information that Himmler expects of him, and he doesn't mind torture, murder, kidnapping, arson, or any other unsavory method to do it. Indeed, there's a reason the Reichsführer puts such trust in him- with his focus on ideological purity, it seems likely he'll stay with the founder of the System. However, if some misstep occurs, and he begins to have doubts of Himmler's intentions, it would certainly do Heydrich much good to shut down such a wealth of stolen secrets- and, perhaps, use them for his own ends.

Older, wiser, but still as cunning and brutal as he ever was, there's no doubt that Barbie is one of the most dangerous men in Germany today, no matter what happens around him.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

In OTL, Barbie was known as the 'Butcher of Lyon'. Earning his title for personally tortured prisoners, primarily Jews and members of the French Resistance, as the head of the Gestapo in Lyon.