Komai Kenichirō

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Komai Kenichirō
Komai in 1962
Potential Chief Executive of the State of Guangdong
Date of Birth17th December 1900
Place of BirthTokyo, Empire of Japan
Age at start61
RolePotential External Secretary and Chief Executive of the State of Guangdong
Political PartyLegislative Council - Manchurian Faction (Rippoukai - Manshuha)
IdeologyReform Bureaucrat

Komai Kenichiro is the President of the Hitachi Corporation, which is invited to Guangdong, to take the place of the Yasuda Banking Corporation, after the Yasuda Crisis.

Merely a puppet for the Manchurian-based company, Komai is an anti-revisionist, just like Fujitsu's Masaru Ibuka.

However, he has his own ways to rise to the top.