Luis Taruc

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Luis Taruc

Luis Taruc in 1962

Luis Taruc after an AFRSR victory
Leader of the AFRSR
Personal details
Native nameLuis Mangalus Taruc
Date of birthJune 21st, 1913
Place of birthSan Luis, Pampanga, Insular Government of the Philippine Islands
Age at start48 years old
RoleLeader of AFRSR
Political partyPartido Komunista ng Pilipinasnote - United Front Wing
Ideology Revolutionary Front

Luis Taruc y Mangalus (born 21 June 1913 in San Luis, Philippines) is the leader of the All-Filipino Revolutionary Socialist Republic.

The leader of Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas (PKP) and its armed wing, the Hukbong Bayan Laban sa Hapon (HUKBALAHAP). Taruc is determined to continue the revolutionary struggle, even if that means discarding some "unecessary" revolutionary dogmas.

In Game Description[edit | edit source]

Many questions assailed the exiled partymen of the Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas following the Great Paddy March. What happened to the Offensive? When and where did it go wrong? Above all, who is to blame? Finger-pointing became pointed words, then became ruptures which threatened to sunder the Revolutionary Republic in a tasteless parody of the old Soviet Union's dying days.

In the chaos stepped Luis Taruc, Supremo of the PKP's armed wing the HUKBALAHAP. The firebrand general's word now carried even more weight after the Party's fighting retreat, and he leveraged his magnified standing by launching a scathing critique of their then-General Secretary José Lava. Had Lava not held his men back so many times, he accused, then perhaps the fascists wouldn't have compelled them to cower in the Cordilleras. Lava's dogmatism and caution have cost the Revolution far too much to overlook; perhaps now they should correct course before their chance is lost forever.

With desperate, frenzied applause it was decided: Lava shall go, and Taruc shall take his place. Like caesar and pope in one, "General Alipato" now commands the totality of the revolutionary struggle. Yet some still wonder if an effort so herculean is enough to snatch victory from defeat... or what tenets of the Revolution he will carelessly discard in its pursuit.