Mateus Matoka

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Mateus Matoka
Personal details
Role Potential Leader of the United First Kingdoms
Ideology Despotism

Mateus Matoka is the potential leader of the United First Kingdoms. He can lead the Khoisan state if the Afrika-Schild archives total victory while supporting the Afrikaner Volkstaat against the Union of South Africa in the South African war and when Hüttig takes over the 2 other Reichskommissariats proclaiming the Reichstaat. When the Afrikaners split off from Hüttig's mad state and collapse into a civil war known as the 2nd South African War, he sends in Karl Chmielewski to reassert control in the South. Chmielewski's Oberkommando will always inevitably collapse when Hüttig's 'empire' does. With Hüttig and Chmielewski dead, he rises up against the Oberkommando and the Khoisan people make use of the chemical weapons in Upington's abandoned headquarters.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The real Matoka was a native African member of the Portuguese colonial Flechas special forces. In this timeline, he collaborated with Schenck's African SS. But even this wasn't enough for him to barely dodge elimination by Hüttig when he turns his back on the African collaborators.