NRA 24th Army

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The NRA 24th Army, commonly known as the Xikang Clique, is an independent warlord state in China. It borders Tibet to the west, the 40th Army Group and Seihoku Homengun in the north, Guizhou to the east, and Yunnan to the south. They are one of the few truly independent warlord states in China and continues fighting the Japanese, with KMT elements led under General Liu Wenhui having fled to the mountains as Chiang's KMT was defeated in Chongqing.

History[edit | edit source]

The 24th Army was one of the Armies that fought against the Japanese under the banner of the National Revolutionary Army. Established and disbanded various times during the Second Sino-Japanese War, it was one of the few armies that saw action at the very start, receiving its baptism of fire in 1938 in the Battle of Xuzhou. Various generals would command the army and aid in the defence of China, however, it was not enough.

As Chongqing burned behind them, the 24th Army retreated into Xikang Province, it was here that General Liu Wenhui established the government of the Xikang Clique, having been the Governor of the province. During the war, Liu tried to establish the infrastructure needed to support the remote province, for its transport was primitive, and it had no industry to speak of. Large projects such as the hydroelectric plant built in 1944 promised to bring the area into the modern world. Liu also promoted education as a way to improve Xikang’s situation.

Now as China remains occupied by the Japanese, Liu and the KMT remnants will bring the fight once more to liberate China from the Japanese yoke. For one last fight against the Japanese, this time, to victory.