National Republican Association

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National Republican Association
Founded : 1887
Political Position : Right-Wing to Far-Right

The National Republican Association (Spanish: Asociación Nacional Republicana) is a Paraguayan political party. Sometimes called the Colorado Party, the party origins date to 1887 as a conservative counter-party to the emerging Liberal Party. From it founding to 1904, the Colorado Party would dominates Paraguayan politics until the Revolution of 1904. For nearly the next forty year, the Colorado Party would be at the margins of Paraguayan politics. It was not until Higinio Morínigo's Presidency that the party would see a resurgence. In 1942 Morinigo banning of the Liberal Party left him with only the Colorado Party as the only legal political party that support him. From 1942 onwards the ANR have move from right-wing conservativism to Fascism thanks to Morinigo's influence and the growing control of the party's Red Banner faction.

Factions[edit | edit source]

Red Banner: Influence by the political philosophy of Juan Natalicio González, The Red Banner is composed of far-right nationalists, anti-communists and adherents of Falangist and pro-fascist ideas. They are extremely loyal to Morinigo and represent the mainline of the modern ANR

War Front: Where the Red Banner are heavily influence by Iberian and Italian Fascism, the War Front are those within the ANR more influence by National Socialism

Epifanistas- Due Paraguay sharing a border with Argentina, Peronism was able to spread quite easily into Paraguay. This faction lead by Epifanio Méndez Fleitas represent those within the A.N.R who feel that Paraguay should adopt Peron’s idea for Argentina and adapt them to Paraguay differing circumstances.

Democrats: Represent the old guard who seek to move the ANR back to its democratic conservative roots .

Members[edit | edit source]

Red Banner[edit | edit source]

Higinio Morínigo: President of Paraguay

Juan Natalicio González: Head of the Paraguayan Government, Red Banner's chief ideologue

War Front[edit | edit source]

Mutshuito Villasboa: General in the Paraguayan Military

Democrats[edit | edit source]

Federico Chávez: Paraguayan Politician