Seihoku Homengun

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Seihoku Homengun
Flag of the Northwestern Area Army

Location of the Northwestern Army (Light green)
GEACPS (Dark red)

Ruling Party Imperial Japanese Army
Head of StateTsuji Masanobu
Sphere Co-Prosperity Sphere
Foreign Alignment Sphere Military Administration
Market Type Military Directed

The Seihoku Homengun, or the Northwestern Area Army is a military district of the Empire of Japan located in Northwestern China. It is currently occupying the Gansu province. Led by ruthless Japanese officer Tsuji Masanobu, the Army was dispatched by the IJA to pacify Northwestern China from remnant NRA and Kuomintang forces in the region.

It borders the 40th Army Group to the south-west, the Xinjiang Border Defense Administration to the west, the Mengjiang United Autonomous Government to the north and Jinsui Administrative Office to the east.

History[edit | edit source]

In what was formerly known as the Ningxia, a domain once ruled by Ma Hongkui, lies a state by the name of Hui. Set up by the Japanese, it first came under the control of Doihara Kenji, “Lawrence of Manchuria.” Existing only to preserve the Japanese facade of pan-Asianism, but in truth a playground of Doihara’s soldiers, the state of Hui has cast a shadow over the Northwest.

After Doihara’s death in the 50s, a successor was picked - Masanobu Tsuji, now known infamously as the “Mad General”. Unlike Doihara, who kept his soldiers in check along with his people, Tsuji only keeps his people on a tight leash, allowing his troops to run around the country, terrorizing the populace.

Tsuji practices Gekokujo, “Rule from Below”, and he will begin to take initiative once conditions are favorable. He will begin to rapidly expand his military and start to send raids into neighboring provinces, with the intent to destroy all in his path. Eventually, this will lead to a war with the Ma Clique, which will decide the fate of the Northwest.