Ostland Civil War

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Ostland Civil War

The Ostland Civil War is a conflict between Reichskommissariat Ostland and five other factions, which erupts shortly after the beginning of the German Civil War.

Background[edit | edit source]

Ostland, the “model colony” of the Reich, appears safe on the outside. Major partisan groups, such as the United Partisan Organization, have not launched any major attacks against Ostland’s territory this decade, and Germanization and economic output is high.

However, deep inside, the Reichskommisariat is in trouble. Five major political factions and one partisan group contend for power. Although these rivalries are under control, with the loss of functional authority in Germania, things might change…

  • Ostland’s main government, which favors traditional Nazism
  • Otto-Heinrich Drechsler’s militarists, who prepare to arm the colony for eternal war
  • The United Ostland League, an alliance of liberal students, businessmen, and other groups who seek to reverse Germanization and bring liberal democracy to Ostland.
  • The local SS group, led by remnants of the SS who never left for Burgundy.
  • The Centralnaja Rada is a group of Belarusian collaborators, working alongside nationalists who hope to take over Belarus, and maybe the rest of Ostland, for themselves
  • Finally, Abba Kovner’s United Partisan Organization exists as a partisan group in the forested areas near Vilna. After enduring many defeats, the remnants of the organization prepare to strike when Ostland is weakest, to implement their plan of revenge…

After the death of Reichskommisar Hinrich Lohse and the death of his successor Karl-Siegmund Litzmann in a aviation accident, the civil war immediately erupts.

The war[edit | edit source]