Puerto Plata Invasion

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Puerto Plata Invasion
Part of the Cold War
The Puerto Plata Invasion

Dominican Government

Dominican Republic

Supported by:

The Dominican Civil War

Legion crushed: Trujillo maintains his grip over the Dominican Republic
Civil War victory: The Dominican government restores order over the republic, with Balaguer at the helm
Invasion victory: Temporary ceasefire, Trujillo deposed, the Civil War begins after the ceasefire expires
Civil War victory: A new Republican government formed in the Dominican Republic

The Puerto Plata Invasion is a conflict that breaks out in the Carribean Island of Hispaniola. Led by a coalition of various Latin American exiles, they will plan to land in Puerto Plata to overhrow the Dominican Dictator Rafael Trujillo.

This conflict is also a proxy war between the US and the OFN on one side, with Nazi Germany and the Iberian Union on the other. The conflict's outcome will have a large effect on the neighbouring nation of Haiti, with the country's faith and stability greatly depending on who wins.

Scenarios[edit | edit source]

Successful landing[edit | edit source]

should the invasion be successful, Trujillo will be deposed by his right hand man Joaquin Balaguer, who implements a ceasefire. should Washington choose to support Balangeur, they will mediate negotiations alongside Iberia between Balangeur and the Legion, where in exchange for demobilisation, elections will be held.

if Iberia rejects the terms,

Legion crushed[edit | edit source]

if the Legion is defeated, Trujillos position as Caudillo will be cemented, and he will eventually turn his eyes towards Haiti, invading them for a second time.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The invasion and civil war are filled with ironies. Like Castro, Trujillo is the subject of assassination attempts by the CIA,

the Dominican Republic under Trujillo acts as a gateway into the Americas for powers hostile to the US. the Puerto Plata Invasion itself bears similarities to the Bay of Pigs if it fails