Reichskommissariat Ostafrika

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Reich Commissariat of East Afrika
Reichskommissariat Ostafrika
The Flag of Reichkommissariat Ostafrika
Flag of the Germanic Reich
Ruling Party General Office for East African Affairs
Head of StateReichskommissar Hans Hüttig
Sphere Grossraum Kontinentaleuropa
Foreign Alignment Autonomous Reichskommissariat, Einheitspakt
Credit RatingWIP
Market TypeWIP

Reichskommissariat Ostafrika is an autonomous German colony located in Africa. It is bordered by South Africa to the south, Reichskommissariat Südwestafrika and Reichskommissariat Zentralafrika to the west, and the Kingdom of Egypt and Italian East Africa to the north. The colony is led by Reichskommissar Hans Hüttig, a former officer of the SS-Totenkopfverbände and a concentration camp commandant.

Unlike other African colonies, such as Zentralafrika, and Südwestafrika, Ostafrika does not utilize local African Waffen-SS units, instead holding German-staffed SS units instead. As a German colonial holding, they are a member of the Einheitspakt.

Description[edit | edit source]

Ostafrikan Government[edit | edit source]

Ostafrika is commanded by Reichskommissar Hans Hüttig, who leads the colony through his brutal attempt to perfect his Aryan will, and spreading it across the "Dark Continent" of Africa.

The favorite of Hans Hüttig is Richard Baer, who terrorizes the citizens of the colony, mainly those of African descent. The former SS commandant of Auschwitz, his relations with the SS has been able to earn him at least some respect amongst the bereaucrats and officers in his colony.

Despite his deep hatred of his peers in the Generalburö, the official title of the government of Ostafrika, he still lets them live, out of pragmatism.

One of the Generalburö representative is the representative of Ostafrika's minority of British colonists and exiles, Clifford Dupont. An old man, filled with wrinkles, and comprised with a small stature, his English citizenship and his leniency has led Huttig to consider Dupont and the English as "Degenerate", hoping to send the Anglos to work in the coal mines for all eternity.

However, Dupont has been able to stay in his post due to Hüttig being unable to remove him without the go-ahead from Germania. Despite Dupont's old age and small stature, Hüttig still suspects Dupont scheming to undermine his rule, just like almost everyone around him.

Ostafrikan relations with native groups[edit | edit source]

Under the R.K. Ostafrikan government, the people live rigid, militaristic lives. The native African SS system is not implemented in Ostafrika, instead preferring to only to use the German SS, with some former British Rhodesians. While this has given the colony the best-trained forces, it has also given them the least amount of forces available, excluding Reichskommissariat Südwestafrika.

As a result, there is no way for the native people to achieve freedom via the work-to-freedom program implemented in Zentral or Südwestafrika. The natives are subservient in every way, with no ability to achieve higher standings in it's administration. This has, however, led to significant instability in Ostafrika, with native resistance movements constantly chipping away at the colonial administrations power and ability.

Ostafrika's foreign relations[edit | edit source]

Despite being a Reichskommissariat, Ostafrika has made several foreign adventures without the go-ahead from Germania, those mostly being coordinated by Hüttig himself and being mostly of the extra-judicial nature. Originating from Hüttig's contempt of the other Reichkommissariats in Africa, those being Wolfgang Schenck and Siegfried Müller, he has launched several investigations and coordinated espionage missions, to uncover any shady and illegal dealings that the two might have done.

Aside from Hüttig's personal vendettas against his peers, he has made contact with the Herstigte Nasionale Party, a party made up of Boers in South Africa. Despite believing that they are degenerated Aryans, he has still funded their party and trained local Boer militias in an attempt to subvert the government of South Africa.