Siegfried Müller

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Siegfried Müller
Siegfried Müller, 1962
Reichskommissar of Zentralafrika
Date of Birth26 October 1920
Place of BirthCrossen an der Oder, Germany
Age at start42
Nationality German
Political PartyGeneral Bureau for Central African Affairs
Ideology National Socialism

Siegfried Müller (born as Siegfried Friedrich Heinrich Müller on the 26th October 1920 in Crossen an der Oder, Germany).

A decorated soldier and hero of the Wehrmacht, he is now the charismatic and hedonistic Reichskommissar of Zentralafrika.

Müller has little desire to govern the colony, luckily he has little need to do so, as the foreign mercenaries under his employment and the local collaborators in the SS units has kept Congo stable enough for business to grow and invest in the colony.

As a result, Müller and his cohorts spend most of their time in Zentralafrika having the time of their lives: hunting, drinking, and profiting.

In-Game Biography[edit | edit source]

Reichskommissar Siegfried Müller is one of the Reich's most beloved media darlings: bold, charming and magnetic. The charismatic leader of Reichskommissariat Zentralafrika and the richest of the Reich's three African governors. A distinguished veteran of Poland, France, and Russia, Müller leads Zentralafrika to operate as the only colony that consistently turns over a profit for Germany, rather than committing near-treasons such as skimming profits or ripping off the Reich on a regular basis. His approach to the governance of Zentralafrika is charitably described as "Laissez-faire," and uncharitably described as "Almost total non-involvement": content to let foreign business concerns ravage the Kongo for all it's worth, while Zentralafrika's coffers grow fat with profits from the tolls of shipping. Meanwhile Müller's German men fritter away their tours of duty drinking themselves stupid, hunting anything that moves, humping anything that wears a skirt and gambling away their pay cheques. That is when they are not whoring themselves out as mercenaries to the other Reichskommissarats and anyone, foreign or German-it does not matter-willing to pay for cheap muscle.

Müller's great passion is hunting, regularly taking long trips into the darkest bush to hunt all manner of great African game, and if he should stumble across ANC partisans; then it becomes an opportunity to hunt the most dangerous game of all...