Republic of New Tomsk

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Republic of New Tomsk
Третья Российская Республика - Tret'ya Rossiyskaya Respublika
Ruling Party Bastilyary
Head of StateAlexander Zinoviev
Sphere No Sphere
Foreign AlignmentNon-Aligned

When Taboritsky conquered Central Siberia, he made sure that heart of Siberia itself would suffer the most. Most of Tomsk was razed to the ground, the Salons were destroyed, its leadership was purged, and his troops took whatever that was left. And yet here stands the Republic of New Tomsk. Unbeknownst to Taboritsky, hundreds of former Decembrists, Bastillards, Humanists and Modernists were secretly doing their best to resist his influence. After he died, the Bastillards under Alexander Zinoviev took charge of the remnants of the Salons and proclaimed the Republic of New Tomsk.

With the Academy of Sciences completely destroyed, the surviving Modernists try to restore the building by activating a power plant for it. Although several die during the effort, the Modernists eventually succeed with this small victory, giving a sliver of hope that Tomsk will endure in the wasteland. When Tomsk fell to the Holy Russian Empire, hundreds of former Bastillards continued secretly doing all that they could to resist the influence of the Mad Regent. After Taboritsky's death, New Tomsk was formed and the Salons were revived, albeit much reduced and with only a shadow of their former power. Despite the seeming failure of the Salons and the abject horrors of the H.R.E, the idealism of Tomsk, even in its shattered state, proves impossible to destroy.